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Instead, a personal statement should show something of you as a person, and convey your own unique engagement with history. History and Economic History Studying History at degree level has been my interest since my first ever history lesson in High School, for it is a subject that invites debate and feeds my inquisitive side. Join the conversation on technologyTalk about the burning issues that matter to you at Which? As I grew up my interest in the past introduced me to the political traditions and ideas of my community, and the study of politics became equally absorbing.

In fact it’s important to remember that the same wording will be seen by all the universities you apply to and should therefore focus on the course you want to study, not the universities themselves. If your application is shortlisted, your interview will also be taken in to account. From childhood, the tangible history I found in castles, museums and family photographs appealed uniquely to my imagination. The importance and relevance of economic related disciplines to the modern world have led me to want to pursue the study of the subject at a higher level. Best Buy bridge camerasThese brilliant bridge cameras take five-star photos in all types of lighting conditions. For most courses at Oxford you will also need to take an admissions test or submit written work as well (check the details for your course).

You need to convince admissions tutors that you have the intelligence and academic ability needed to successfully undertake a degree in the subject. This article contains some general advice about writing History personal statements. Read the latest consumer newsThe latest consumer news, with independent expert analysis and advice on issues you care about. Historiographical awareness is very important, as is the ability to present an opinion supported with evidence and cogent analysis. Studying and writing about what happened in the past has little purpose if students cannot develop the skill of critical evaluation. While appreciating the myriad historical eras that have shaped the development of London, it is the Victorian era that fascinates me the most. History and Politics personal statement History and politics have had a profound impact on my outlook. History is the tenth most popular subject to study at degree level in the UK, and with many universities forgoing candidate interviews, your personal statement is the most important way to make yourself stand out. Join the conversation on technologyGet involved – talk about the consumer issues that matter to you at Which? If sex before marriage and adultery were illegal, it would help with many problems.

This is where you can write whatever you’d like to say about yourself and your motivation to study your course. History Personal Statement I am captivated by the diversity and depth offered by a History degree; attracted by the way it encourages us to be analytical of the values and patterns of past societies. Get things doneRead the latest consumer newsThe latest consumer news, with independent expert analysis and advice on issues you care about. I am intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society. Economics Personal Statement Examination of any quality newspaper will probably demonstrate that more of the headlines address economic problems than any other topic.

I feel I would be suited to a law degree as I am at my best when challenged, relish the opportunity of lateral thinking and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations. It was in my final year of secondary school that I was awarded the History Attainment Award, although my desire to study History dates back to an earlier age when I visited the site of the allied landings in Normandy at just eleven years old. Universities build a picture of you as a student from all the different information you provide, to help decide whether or not to offer you a place. Whilst the two universities have have much in common, they also have many differences. We hope our collection of Oxford University personal statements provides inspiration for writing your own. The competition is fierce (the top universities require grades of A*AA), and a muddled or mediocre statement will harm your application. Writing a personal statement for Oxford is no different from writing a personal statement for any other university. She says: “When we talk about originality in personal statements, we really mean individuality. Best Buy radiosFind a radio with crystal-clear sound that makes tuning in to your favourite stations a pleasure. Best Buy speakersMake the most of your music with one of these fantastic wireless and Bluetooth speakers.

People sometimes think that there is a trick to writing a personal statement for Oxford, or that we are looking for some special secret formula, but this is not the case.